The scenic spot introduction
     Baotianman Ecological and Cultural Tourism Area is located in Nanyang Basin, where is the junction between Henan, Hubei and Shaanxi provinces. This place is 60km away from Nanyang Airport, and Ningxi Railway crosses through the territory. Shanghai-Shaanxi Express Highway, No. 312 National Road, No. 248 and 249 and 332 provincial roads cross this place and link together to form the road network. This place has superior location and convenient transportation. Baotianman Ecological and Cultural Tourism Area has successively won the honorable titles of "National Nature Reserve", "World’s People and Nature Biosphere Reserve", "World Geological Park", "National Popular Science Education Base for Young People", "Top 10 World Cultural Diversity Museum". Baotianman Ecological and Cultural Tourism Area is not only a brilliant color ink painting, but also a proound and elegant cultural epic.

     Baotianman is located in the transition zone between the temperate zone and the subtropical zone, and this place has extremely rich variety of animal and plant resources, so it is a mysterious "Natural Gene Pool of Biological Species Resources". The forest coverage rate is up to 99.8%, and more than 3000 varieties of rare plants are growing there. Here, the forest is so tall and vast that it shades the sky. It is "Biological Kingdom in Central Plains", and over 210 species of vertebrates and over 300 types of insects are living here.

     Baotianman Canyon Drifting is a type of ecological canyon drifting, and the drifting way is 12.8 km long. The choppy waves give you the thrilling and romantic excitement and surprise. The overall drop is 239 meters, and the winding and bending drifting river course will give you the joy and romance to challenge the torrent.At the foot of Baotianman Mountain, the only perfectly preserved feudal county government office of China -- Neixiang Feudal County Government Office is located there. Neixiang Ancient County Government Office had experienced Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties and has been there for over 700 years, so it enjoys the title of "No. 1 Ancient County Government Office of the World”. Because of its unique historical and cultural value, it is praised by experts as "The Unique Historical Specimen of China".In November 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to investigate in Heze, Shandong province. When he talked to the city and county level of Party secretaries, he cited the couplet in the hall of Neixiang ancient county government office "Serve as official without proud, lose the official position without shame; do not rebuke the uselessness of official, a place fully relies on the official; wear clothes of the people, eat rice of the people, don’t say that the people can be bullied, as the official is also the people." The few words had reflected the heavy power of official morality culture.
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